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We believe great brands are built on the foundations of powerful emotions that spark deep within. These feelings cannot be manufactured by machines or programs – they must be grown and nurtured with the heart and brain. We believe in meaning. We believe the pen can be mightier than the processor.

We believe in what we call "creative ping-pong", in bouncing ideas back and forth. Through sharing ideas, we harness the power of different minds, thoughts and experiences – the perfect environment for ideas to grow naturally and evolve into something tangible and real.

We believe in synergy. We believe in sharing. We believe in the human race. We believe that our personal growth stems from wholesome relationships, an understanding and respect of each other’s beliefs, and a commitment to togetherness and unity.

Team Rottensteiner’s expertise lies in illustration and art direction, in product design and communication within a space. Team Rottensteiner gives creative direction, offers brand consulting and creates holistic communication concepts for forward-thinking brands.

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